• Who’s Gonna Win

    For Super Bowl XLVIII, Sosolimited partnered with Wasserman Media Group and Verizon to build the first social-media driven light show on the Empire State Building. By analyzing 7.5 million tweets with a custom algorithm, we were able to measure fan sentiment around each team. Worked on data visualizations (D3.js, etc). Details at Sosolimited.
  • Crisscross Signal Spire

    This interactive public sculpture visualizes the conversation between the city of Boston and its residents. Data from Boston 311 requests is visualized in real time, creating an illuminated barometer for the community. Worked on D3.js and OpenFrameworks development. Details at Sosolimited.
  • Lightpost

    A transcontinental LED portal that allows you to control LED walls located in each Sosolimited studio. A website that is equal parts drawing app, text display, and procedural animation livecoding app lets you send content to either of the two panels present in the Boston and San Diego offices. Worked on various frontend & backend code, with Paper.js, Node.js on Raspberry Pi, etc. Details at Sosolimited.
  • Twitter Heart

    A heart-shaped sculpture and animated projections that respond to Twitter activity in real time, giving the online conversation a captivating physical presence. Worked on the accompanying lighting controller webapp. Details at Sosolimited.  
  • Eventide

    Animating the skyline with dynamic architectural lighting that celebrates the sights and culture of San Diego. Lighting installation driven by a custom lighting application for scheduling various types of dynamic content on the structure, at any time. Worked on the controller webapp interface. Details at Sosolimited.