Qronicles of Invention

Qronicles of Invention

Data visualization web app for Qualcomm showing 30,000+ patents in an story-enhanced timeline. D3.js, CMS backend, desktop & mobile.


Who’s Gonna Win

Lighting installation atop NYC's Empire State Building, powered by a realtime Twitter hashtag battle, with accompanying data visualization web app. Various Javascript, D3.js, Node.js.


Inventor Connector

Data visualization web app of Qualcomm's thousands of inventors, exposing networks of collaboration and cross-pollination. D3.js, web version & installation with ID badge scanner.


Crisscross Signal Spire

Interactive public lighting installation driven by realtime Open311 and Twitter data. OpenFrameworks (C++), D3.js.



System of LED panels that send each other various types of animations via a website, allowing to draw, type text, or livecode animations in realtime. Paper.js, Node.js frontend & backend, Raspberry Pi.


Twitter Heart

Lighting installation driven by realtime Twitter data, with an accompanying controller webapp for selecting which data topics to send to the installation. Data animations in D3.js, various Javascript.



Large-scale architectural lighting installation in San Diego, with custom scheduler and content management webapp. UI development, HTML, Javascript.


Jabil Blue Sky Center

Massive, seamless screen-wall lobby installation with custom presentation system and CMS backend. Cinder (C++) programming.

SosoTasty_many phones blue


Food-related, realtime Twitter data aggregation & visualization web dashboard. Various Javascript, Node.js, desktop & mobile.



Outdoor installation of birdhouses that collect and disseminate audio-recorded secrets of passersby. Raspberry Pi, Linux networking.


From Story to Tech: a methodology project

Interactive event & installation project methodology system, presented & taught to workshop attendees in NYC.


The Open Classroom

Designing the ideal combination of physical and virtual space for open learning and knowledge sharing on a university campus.


The Open Classroom – social sharing platform

Custom social sharing platform portion of the Open Classroom project. Features a social media aggregation feed, event calendar, and more. Social media APIs, Wordpress, desktop & mobile.

Le Sapin Partagé

Everyone’s Christmas Tree

Interactive audio installation that tells stories of different cultures' holiday celebrations during Christmas time. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, solar-powered electronics.

Porte voix


Montreal's history as told by it's longest standing denizens: the trees. Trees tell park visitors about our history & legends using custom audio devices. Vinyl, electronics, screen printing.


Daily Tous Les Jours

Production support on projects such as a mobile, musical machine for playing with traditional folk music, and a playful interactive opera installation. Electronics, fabrication.


Raumlabor workshop

Building playful seating for communal interaction at a music festival. Wood, screws, and elbow grease.

Jardin des Secrets

Garden of Secrets

Concept for an installation where passersby can listen to the secrets that anyone can whisper into the flowers of this massive garden.


The Imagination Toolkit

A toolkit for reimagining forgotten public spaces in the city.



Immersive installation of light & sound reacting to elements within & without of a gallery space.


Remedios’ Terrarium

Interactive ambient environment presented at the FOFA Gallery, in Montreal.